April – the Best Month!

Hello again friend!

Here we find ourselves in April – enjoying Spring in it’s full glory. The grass growing, new flowers starting to emerge, those bright sunny days, and of course those wonderful Spring showers that pop up with no warning! I love it.

There is another reason that I love April so much – and that reason is in beautiful Kentucky. It is widely referred to as “the best weekend all year” – that’s right, I’m talking about the Rolex Kentucky Three Day Event.

It is the one weekend every year that my Mother and I pack up all of our comfortable walking shoes, sunscreen, raincoats, heavy jackets, and tank tops -because no matter what the weather – we are going. I also charge all my batteries, clean up my telephoto lenses, and make sure all my equipment is ready to rock and roll – because I also cover the Rolex for Sidelines Magazine every year. Starting out all those years ago, it was my dream to someday be published in a magazine; and then the ultimate goal – to be on the cover. Now every year my wildest dreams come true at the Rolex.

Some of my past SideLines covers:

I absolutely love everything about the Rolex – and this year I am adding a fun twist. For the first time I am bringing my Jack Russell, Skip. I’ve never had a dog at the Rolex before, but I’ve hated leaving Skip behind for 6 days as I have the time of my life in Kentucky.

I’ve been on private tours at Altech Lexington Brewing and Distillery with the owner, Pearce Lyons, OTTB (racehorse) adoption events at New Vocations, countless media dinners, and been behind the scenes in the media center. I’ve brushed elbows with the world’s top equestrians, I’m a pro at navigating the Trade Fair and Sponsor Row, but never have I brought my dog with me to the Rolex. I’m excited for this new adventure this year! A girl, JRT, and a camera – lookout y’all, here we come!

Skip – He’s ready for the Rolex!

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