The 2017 Rolex Kentucky 3 Day Event Equestrian Championships

My goodness that is a mouthful isn’t it?

I’ve been so busy these past two months with photo shoots, projects, and just life in general. I meant to post about the Rolex a little sooner, but I looked up and suddenly it was June! Craziness!

This year, I did something a little differently, I brought my bestest little friend in the whole wide world with me to Rolex… Skippy!



I was a little nervous about how he would handle being around thousands of people, with hundreds of other dogs and of course – the world’s top eventing horses. He handled it like a champ. My biggest concern was cross country day, when the horses would run by us at full speed (engaging his ‘chase the moving thing’ mentality) – but he curled right up and went to sleep at my feet while I photographed everyone.

Experiencing Rolex with a dog this go-’round really made this the best Rolex for me yet. I’m not sure if it was because Skip calmed my stress of getting the perfect shot, or if it just was his attitude of “I’m happy to be wherever you are Mom”… but no matter the reason, Rolex was awesome.

Now for some photos!


Ok, now for the serious photos:

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