Where Did the Time Go?

Oh man. I’ve fallen into a blogging black hole haven’t I? Where did 2017 go???

This past year was so incredibly busy and wonderfully successful for Beth Grant Photo. I stayed booked up almost all year, and met the best people in my clients! I cannot say enough about you guys! You have trusted me with creating your photos and capturing your life events – and you made 2017 the best year I’ve ever had in my now 10+ years of doing this.

Over the next few posts, I will be featuring your photos from this past year. I can’t wait to showcase our year together!

Much love to you guys – and cheers to a happy and healthy 2018!


Strollin’ Up The Stream

Here is a fact about me: I don’t get pop culture references very often, if at all. I’m a bit like Captain America in that scene of the Avengers where he pipes in, “I understood that reference!”… ok, no I’m not – but at least I knew that reference. My lack of pop culture knowledge amuses my husband to no end really.

Image result for i understood that reference

So when the McMurrays pulled up to their photo session, rolled down the window and exclaimed, “Hi! We’re the Griswolds!!” I actually panicked a little. I thought, WAIT – I thought these were the McMurrays!!! Just smile and say Hello Beth.

It wasn’t until about 5 minutes later I got the joke.

Yep. I immediately liked this bunch.


As you can tell the McMurrays are an awesome family with a great sense of humor. Together we all hiked back into the woods a little ways to find this beautiful creek with a series of waterfalls and cascades… which made for some beautiful family portraits!




Dani, Joey, & and an Oscar Blues REEB Ranch Wedding


Never have I had the pleasure of working with a couple so perfectly in love with each other. Danielle and Joey’s happiness and love for each other absolutely shone through the entire day of their wedding. Oscar Blues REEB Ranch was filled with laughter, friends, tons of fun, and above all – love.

One of the many – many things I loved about Joey and Danielle’s wedding was the inclusion of everyone’s dogs! Tegan, the bride’s beautiful Black Lab was the “Dog of Honor” – and fulfilled her responsibilities flawlessly.

The reception was a fun filled and laid back environment, with the awesome live band, Fish Sticks and Brevard’s very talented Matt Gardner. Yard games were played, including “extra large” horse shoes (see photos) which had me in stitches with laughter.

This beautiful cake and delicious cake push pops were made by the talented Sugar Cloud Baking Company. Catering by Luella’s Bar-B-Que of South Asheville (to die for!).

You’ve probably noticed this by now, but these two are clearly meant to be together. Look at the way he looks at her. I love it.

The night was capped off with a surprise tandem bike ride by the bride and groom, and then everyone’s favorite, sparklers!

Joey and Danielle – thank you so much for letting me capture your beautiful day!




Remember that post a few months back about all the exciting things happening this year in celebration of 10 YEARS of business? Remember the part where I said I would be doing a giveaway or two??? OH YEAH!!

So – I’m announcing the details now!

I will be doing TWO giveaways this year.

The first will be for my portrait clients – a 16×20 CANVAS PRINT from your session!!!

SAAAAAYYY WHAAATT??? That is a $165 value! All family portrait sessions that I have from January 1st – November 1st 2017 will be entered into a drawing, which I will do live on my Facebook account. If you win, you get to pick out your favorite photo, and I do the rest!

The other giveaway I am doing this year is for my beautiful brides!

I’m giving away a one-of-a-kind GORGEOUS LOCKET,

Featuring your photos from your wedding, engagement, or bridal session! All weddings in-between the dates of January 1st – December 1st will be entered into a drawing which I will do live on my Facebook page. The locket features a photo on the front sealed in a permanent resin, a photo on the inside printed on archival paper, a 24″ matching chain, and a black velvet pouch.

Lockets by Chasing Lockets – an exclusive premier photography service.

How exciting is this?? I already can’t wait for November and December! Contact me today to set up your sessions so you can be entered into this contest too!

Christopher and Catherine’s Simply Sweet Special Day

Catherine and Christopher are my latest couple to tie the knot – and what a special day it was. Catherine is honestly one of the sweetest brides I have ever had the pleasure of working with, and it reflected throughout the entire ceremony and reception.

They exchanged vows from one of our most famous overlooks in the mountains, the Fred W. Symmes Chapel in Cleveland, SC. This place is affectionately called by locals “Pretty Place”… and trust me, it IS a very pretty place.

BGP_2920 upload
See what I mean? You can’t go wrong with a view like that!


Following the ceremony, we all made our way to downtown Brevard, NC – where we walked along Main Street to Jaime’s Creole Brasserie. If you ever are looking for a fantastic place to eat that is above and beyond the normal small town dining experience, I highly recommend Jaime’s. They atmosphere was relaxed and festive, and the food – to die for!



The 2017 Rolex Kentucky 3 Day Event Equestrian Championships

My goodness that is a mouthful isn’t it?

I’ve been so busy these past two months with photo shoots, projects, and just life in general. I meant to post about the Rolex a little sooner, but I looked up and suddenly it was June! Craziness!

This year, I did something a little differently, I brought my bestest little friend in the whole wide world with me to Rolex… Skippy!



I was a little nervous about how he would handle being around thousands of people, with hundreds of other dogs and of course – the world’s top eventing horses. He handled it like a champ. My biggest concern was cross country day, when the horses would run by us at full speed (engaging his ‘chase the moving thing’ mentality) – but he curled right up and went to sleep at my feet while I photographed everyone.

Experiencing Rolex with a dog this go-’round really made this the best Rolex for me yet. I’m not sure if it was because Skip calmed my stress of getting the perfect shot, or if it just was his attitude of “I’m happy to be wherever you are Mom”… but no matter the reason, Rolex was awesome.

Now for some photos!


Ok, now for the serious photos:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

April – the Best Month!

Hello again friend!

Here we find ourselves in April – enjoying Spring in it’s full glory. The grass growing, new flowers starting to emerge, those bright sunny days, and of course those wonderful Spring showers that pop up with no warning! I love it.

There is another reason that I love April so much – and that reason is in beautiful Kentucky. It is widely referred to as “the best weekend all year” – that’s right, I’m talking about the Rolex Kentucky Three Day Event.

It is the one weekend every year that my Mother and I pack up all of our comfortable walking shoes, sunscreen, raincoats, heavy jackets, and tank tops -because no matter what the weather – we are going. I also charge all my batteries, clean up my telephoto lenses, and make sure all my equipment is ready to rock and roll – because I also cover the Rolex for Sidelines Magazine every year. Starting out all those years ago, it was my dream to someday be published in a magazine; and then the ultimate goal – to be on the cover. Now every year my wildest dreams come true at the Rolex.

Some of my past SideLines covers:

I absolutely love everything about the Rolex – and this year I am adding a fun twist. For the first time I am bringing my Jack Russell, Skip. I’ve never had a dog at the Rolex before, but I’ve hated leaving Skip behind for 6 days as I have the time of my life in Kentucky.

I’ve been on private tours at Altech Lexington Brewing and Distillery with the owner, Pearce Lyons, OTTB (racehorse) adoption events at New Vocations, countless media dinners, and been behind the scenes in the media center. I’ve brushed elbows with the world’s top equestrians, I’m a pro at navigating the Trade Fair and Sponsor Row, but never have I brought my dog with me to the Rolex. I’m excited for this new adventure this year! A girl, JRT, and a camera – lookout y’all, here we come!

Skip – He’s ready for the Rolex!

Special Spring Savings!

Hello again all!

I’ve got a wonderful surprise for you all this month my peeps!

I am currently running a one time special promotion for the month of March:


Save 10% off of ANY Photo Session
The deals you will get:
One hour session
A full edit of your photographs
An online gallery (where you can view and order any desired prints or photo products, at any time)

Digital files also available. Mention this post and receive 10% off any sessions booked for the month of March, 2017. Sorry, weddings not included. You only get this deal if you mention this post… it is just for you awesome folks that follow along on social media!

Mini-Sessions are Here!

Hey Friends!

This month’s blog post is a moment I’ve been waiting for – finally being able to share with all you about my very first Mini-Sessions!

This Spring, I will be holding two mini-sessions in Dupont State Forest (near Brevard, NC).

The dates are May 6th & 13th!

Times are from 5-7pm

Mark your calendars now, I only have 5 spaces available for each date. They will be filled on a “first come, first serve” basis, so contact me today to secure your spot!

What you will recieve:

20 minute session

10 keepsake photographs

online gallery

digital downloads of your photos

springminisession-final2-5x7postcardAlso, pets are more than welcome to attend this special session event. So please feel free to bring along your dogs, cats, horses, or other favorite critter of yours! Just be aware, we will be in a state forest, so please keep pets on a lead and under control at all times for their safety and yours.


Share the love with your fur-babies too!

Hello Beautiful

2017. Here we are.

10 years ago I was a teenager with a camera and a pocket full of dreams. I dreamed of art school, starting a photography business, and creating a name for myself. In 2007, that is exactly the road I started running down.

My first gig in the photo business world was a horse show the previous year. In 2006, I was noticed by an equestrian photographer in South Carolina who decided to take me under his wing and teach me the ropes of horse show photography (and give me a paying job!). I don’t think he realized how much he was teaching me about self motivation, organization, and basic business operations. After watching and learning from his workflow and set up, I decided to start my own business for our little local horse shows in the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina. I was “Beth Cole Photography” – and all I had was an entry-level DSLR and two kit lenses. But, I also had a dream – and that is what I built my career on.

For the first two years of my college career, I photographed any horse show I could. I had connections at a local riding club, and I used that foot in the door to shoot any local shows that I could. Most of these horse shows had less than 100 competitors, lasted well over 9 or even 10 hours, and took place in the glaring sun. I’m very fair skinned – so most days ended with me looking like Elmo with a camera. Happy, bright red, and excited for everyone to see their photos from that day. I barely made any money from these events, and that money went straight back into supplies for school. Once I transferred to a four year college with an art program, my mind was blown. I didn’t have to shoot horse shows. I didn’t have to shoot just horses. I could shoot anything I wanted… and since a horse isn’t allowed inside the art building at Brevard College, I started shooting people… and discovered I was more than a one trick pony with a camera.

Fast forward 10 years. Here we are in 2017.

I couldn’t be more proud of how far I have come with this business. I’ve learned so much about the nature of business, marketing, advertising, and records keeping. I’ve devoted myself to serving my customers – to making sure YOU are happy. That is what matters to me… because after all, these are YOUR photographs we are creating. Running a photography business full time is challenging. I tried to make it a part time job that I would juggle with other part time jobs. I spent several years with on and off part time jobs – my favorite being an associate in a fly fishing store. I gained valuable insight into business operations and above all else – customer service. My fellow associates (and the best manager I ever had) opened my eyes to the fact that without you, the wonderful person reading this, there is no “us”. Meaning there is no business without you. I couldn’t have made it ten years in this field without you… and I couldn’t have grown this into a full time business without you. So thank you for that.

So what is next for us? I’m happy to hint that here is where it gets good!!

This blog is one of my new adventures this year. I receive emails, phone calls, and texts all the time asking about advice on equipment, how to take better photos, and other various things related to photography. Most of my friends and customers know that I am an open book – I love to help. So, if you ever have any questions or topics you want to see covered – please let me know!!

More great things I am implementing this year are “Mini-Sessions” – condensed photo sessions for the discerning budget. Because hey – I get it. You don’t always need a full session of photos at full price. These Mini-Sessions will be short and sweet, with a limited number of spaces available for each session. Look for more information on these sessions within the next few weeks. I’m hoping this one helps everyone out!

I also have a few give-aways planned for this year as well – which I can’t wait to reveal the details on those as well!

And last but in no way the least (actually the BIGGEST one in my opinion) are the introductory Guided Photo Tours with me! I am so excited to finally go public with this, as I have been chewing on this idea for a long-long time. I love going out into the field and taking photos. I also love sharing knowledge on how to make your camera do what you want it to! I love teaching – and I’d love to share my passion of photography with you. There will be only TWO Guided Tours this year, with very limited spaces available. I’d love to keep these “classes” small, so I can give everyone the attention they deserve. Special introductory prices will apply this year, as this is my 10 year Celebration year! I will be posting more on these tours next month, so stay tuned!

2017 is going to be great – so let’s have some fun!